Why the pack mule face?

Trudging into LAX with a large rolling bag, a computer bag with 6 Muppet Show DVDs for Bo plus other misc, my red leather (NYC knockoff) Birkin bag AND a round Louis Vuitton purse. I can’t read terminal TV monitors to get my boarding pass. Where are my glasses? $20 to check ONE bag. I could’ve saved $5 online— NEXT time.
Thursday I fly to JFK and Boston.
Misread the gate # and slogged down to the 80’s when I only needed gate 73. Egad. At least I saw the bathrooms on the way back from Siberia. And there was no line at the Outer Limits newsstand. $1.10 for a USA Today.
Got a McD yogurt parfait. Keeping nutrition in the dairy column today.
Thanks Matt, my tech advisor, boy wonder but fixing my i-phone app to blog on. He’s such a great guy!
I’m sitting at one of the Mobile Charging kiosks. Got a hard small bottomed perforated steel stool and feel thankful for it!
Steph is picking me up at McCarran- Las Vegas. I had to UPS two large boxes to get all the rest of my crap home from Catalina. April 27 to October 12. It was a blast. Going back Nov 12-15 and Dec 2-8.
Happy trails

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