Bo rocks!

Seeing BO again was so sweet. Steph picked me up at the airport. Couldn’t wait to get my hands on him.
Bo’s eyes twinkle, he laughs a throaty chuckle. He likes to be tickled. I Chased him around the house. He runs with a stiff legged but effective stride. Fewer stumbles, wobbles and falls.
We Played BUMPER BASKETS at Target and raced down the aisles, me next to him and Steph running neck and neck in the red shopping carts. Watched Bo dump a whole serving of easy mac on the floor during supper. He likes cooked carrots, yogurt, cheese, hot dogs, really everything!
He’s trying to feed himself but the spoon is more of a baton to be waved than an implement to get food in his mouth.
He had a bath, ran around naked or in just a diaper. Remember streaking? Almost 30 years ago we used to watch Stephanie and Sean “run in their un-s” as we called it to the heavy disco beat of Donna Summer and Saturday Night Fever.
Being away for six weeks, I can’t believe how much Bo has grown and developed. What a blessing to have this little cherub in our family.
His giggles are golden!

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