Boston by Foot

My dogs are barking. After 8 hours of traipsing along the Freedom Trail, I have a newfound respect for the Cooks and their vacation preferences.
I was all for the Duck Tour or a nice Trolley trip but Noooooo, they wanted to walk all day.
Their casual style and glacial pace suits them fine but my bone spurred feet and cramping calves cry out for relief.
We saw everything from Boston Commons to Boston Garden. King’s Chapel, Old North Church and Paul Revere’s house, with several cemetaries thrown in for Halloween chills and thrills.
We ate lunch at the CHEERS bar. Nana had Boston Baked Beans.
We walked thru Little Italy and ate gelato. At North End we stopped at Mike’s Bakery (see photo). If these Cooks didn’t like to eat, I’d never make it.
We are waiting for Damon & Heather and then will go out to dinner and maybe surprise Kyle at his hotel. We have all day T passes on the subway (also good for the water taxi, which we took near USS Constitution ship and museum).
Boston by foot. The only good thing is that there’s a Dunkin Donuts on every other block.
I have Halloween socks for us gals to wear Saturday to the Dartmouth game. GO Big Green! Hope my feet feel better by then!

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