Cooks 6, Hibbs 2

Here I am in Boston with my beautiful daughter-in-law and her family to watch younger brother Kyle play football against Harvard.
Traveling with the Cooks is totally different than OUR family vacations.
We had a family “meeting” to pick our destinations and plan of action. In OUR family I just TELL everybody what we’ll be doing.
I suggested we meet in the lobby to start our day at 9 AM. Glenn, if he were here would’ve been up at 5 and ready to go by 6.
Nicole and I were in the lobby on time. The Cooks (not marching to the best of the same drum) trickled down fashionably 20 minutes tardy.0
In our family Aunt Karen would’ve been in the lobby by 8:30 I would’ve hustled down by 8:45 and Aunt Karol when showing up at 9:01 would’ve been LATE!
In comparing the different family styles— Nicole has both sets of grandparents and her great Grandma lived to 100. On our side EVERYBODY ‘S DEAD.
Go figure!

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