Cloudy with a chance of Meatballs

Another jam-packed day for the Kyle Cook Football Fan Club. We started off ON TIME with the goal of getting tickets for the 9 AM Fenway Park Tour across town.
Being with the Cooks is like an ESPN Road Trip. They talk sports, watch sports, play sports. Despite being lifelong Angels fans Damon wanted to see Fenway (to pee on home plate, he joked). For $12 the 8 of us had a guy named Steve take us through the Press Box, Right Field Pavilion and atop the Green “Monstah” as they say it. Peppering us with lots of trivia (and bad jokes) our 78 yr old tour guy kept up a steady stream of “yeah babys” as he enthusiastically shared his beloved Red Sox lore and legends.
We raced from there to Harvard and arrived at the Stadium just in time for kickoff at Kyle’s game.
Alas it wasn’t to be a repeat of last week’s victory. Dartmouth lost 42-21 but had some exciting moments. A touchdown drive just before the end of the first half was unexpected, a fake field goal play garnering a much needed first down was thrilling, and lots of great blocks by Kyle, offensive lineman at Right Guard kept me ringing my cow bell enthusiastically. Kyle is consistently outstanding. On one rollout, the QB swept clear to the sidelines with Kyle running along in front of him ready to take on any and all of the Harvard defense.
The weather today was a bit of everything. Sun, ominous dark clouds, gusty winds, and then blue skies. Rain is expected tonight. Temperatures were forecast to be 68-71 but it was probably cooler than that. A whirling dervish of changing weather patterns.
Very strange but not at all uncomfortable. Better than S-N-O-W!
We got to spend 30 minutes with Kyle before he had to board the team bus for school. He is such a good looking, articulate, personable young man. I’ve known him since he was 9 yrs old and he’s still growing. At 6-5, 270 he thinks he can still build up more size and strength. Nicole’s “little brother” is always striving to improve his game.
I’m happy to be in the Kyle Cook Fan Club!

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