Molly’s Birthday

We spent the day at Dartmouth.  Nicole and Damon went to class with Kyle in the morning and then we met them at 11:30 to walk around campus on a sunny but brrrr brisk November day.  Danny led us to the Football field and Florren Varsity House where we ventured up to the top floor to have a look-see.  The defensive line Coach Cedric – something  (sorry!) recognized the Cooks and soon more Big Green-ies were glad-handing us including Head Coach Buddy Tevens.  Coach Tevens and the others talked glowingly about Kyle, his work ethic, his hair (ha ha) and how he is becoming a team leader while still doing well in his classes.  We all beamed.  A special tour of the facility was arranged and we saw and  took pictures in the weight room, locker room, and pretty much every other room that had an unlocked door.  We also met the Equipment Manager and he and I talked “laundry”.  He does all of the teams’ wash.  How does he keep from losing a sock or mixing up a shirt with 106 players?  I have the inside track on that now — I was fascinated — since as my family knows — laundry is my life!

We ate lunch at Lou’s, a downtown eatery that could have been a “Happy Days” set, toured the historic Baker Hall and library and then stopped in at the Hanover Inn.  Molly is already thinking ahead to Kyle’s graduation in June of 2012 (where to house the family for the celebration?)  A beautiful fire in the lobby beckoned me to sit and write more postcards (I’ve sent 20 and I’m done!).  The men went to watch Kyle practice in blustery 38 degree temperatures.  Pa stood for 2 hours (IRONMAN) but Danny and Damon sat on the grass and later had to be thawed out and dried off.  The ladies went to the GAP.  Buy a pair of jeans and you get a $20 thermal for only $5.  Molly got two pairs of jeans (birthday booty) and Nicole and Nana got another layer for Saturday’s football game.

We toured Kyle’s bachelor pad.  Its a big ol’ house with a warren-like floor plan.  Every room has a mattress in it.  The basement where Kyle and Grant share living space is an 8 x 8 room that is so low both of their heads brush the ceiling.  The unused floor space is where they keep the ferret, Sticky’s cage.  Ol’ Eagle Eye (Heather) immediately latched on to Sticky and her superior sense of smell kicked in causing her to comment, “he smells like pee”.  Kyle regularly gives his ferret a bath (she swims) so Sticky was exonerated and loved by all.  She quivered quite a bit when the gals were holding her but curled up in Kyle’s big hand and practically purred.  She loves Kyle.

How to describe Kyle’s house?  Definitely “Animal House” meets football fraternity.  A bit overwhelming to anyone with OCD , germ issues or an aversion to clutter.  But the guys posed for photos and weren’t the least bit concerned that we women were cringeing over the dishes in the sink,  no heat, toxic bathrooms and lack of closet space.  It’s fun for Kyle to be there with his teammates and friends.  Since he’s thriving on the football field  and in his classes I won’t elaborate.  He’s happy.

We went to Jesse’s for dinner to celebrate Molly’s Birthday.  Danny toasted Molly as the perfect wife and mother, followed by the kids who each spoke eloquently of their love and admiration for her.  Pa and I added our accolades and I know I was in tears hearing it all.  This family LOVES and EXPRESSES it despite their reserved personalities.  A wonderful thing.

Delicious dinner, a candle in  a serving of chocolate mousse for Molly to make a wish on.  I later asked Nicole who tried the dessert, “How was your Mom’s mousse?” and she looked at me funny and said,”She had BBQ ribs”.

Another late night, up til 12 visiting in the Lounge by the wood stove.  Me reading and Nicole calling Sean.  I wake up so darn early (5-6)  I’m going to just give out when this week is over.

Happy Birthday Molly.  Get your cards and e-mails out to her.  Her special day is Tuesday.  When you are with her, everyday is a special day.

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