Fly often?

I want everyone to know that I hate those people who bring huge suitcases plus 2-3 other carry ons for flights. I only bring what I absolutely NEED and I schlep it myself including cramming it into the overhead un-aided. But I do always secretly hope that other passengers have BIGGER bags or MORE carry-ons than me!
Daughter-in-law Nicole had her small roller bag taken away by Delta in Boston. Those people were Nazis. They’d look at a bag and yell, “check”.
No recourse but to hand it over!
I’m hurrying to Long Beach to catch the last boat to Catalina tonight (5:45). Its the Museum Telethon tonight. My Jet Blue flight is already on the Board as 20 min late– landing at 4:35 pm now. That’s WHY I HAVE TO CARRY ON. I’ll already be running through the little LB Terminal like an old OJ Simpson Hertz commercial. Hope I don’t pull a hamstring or split my pants hurdling small children.
And the cab may have to be Mr Toad’s Wild Ride to get me to the boat in time.
And why the heck can’t travelers take LIQUIDS out of their x-rayed luggage and “personal items”??? You are allowed one piece of luggage and one “personal item”. Yada yada yada
A sampling of today’s contraband — Gatorade, Big pink (Costco sized) bottle of baby lotion —- no baby (?) and best of all a SNOWGLOBE. Two business men were waiting for their bags to come through on the X-ray belt When TSA gal says, “Snowglobe???” whose bag is this? No answer. More emphaticslly she asks, “Which one of you belongs to this bag?” The culprit looked sheepishly embarrassed. Hey Snowglobe boy, take it like a MAN. Hand over the snowglobe and nobody gets hurt. Egad.

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