Catalina Dreamin’

Back in Avalon I hit the ground running. FOB— as we say, “Fresh off the Boat” I raced out to the Casino to make calls and take pledges for the Catalina Island Museum’s Telethon. You can see me on the phones by going to the web site $41,000 was raised.
Chocolate doughnuts were the Friday the 13th treat for Annette’s Special Ed class this morning. The kids get taller every time I visit. Look on FB and See Angel, Annette and one of the classroom’s Bearded Dragons (Spikey and/or Speedy— don’t know which is which?). Both are creepy.
Transitioned right into a quick trip to Catalina’s interior to monitor my burn area fence. The Conservancy is studying plant re-growth when bison and deer are excluded. It was a beautiful balmy day with incredible views of a placid ocean. It was so quiet. Few cars were on the road. Such peace and loveliness. God’s little acre.
I’m getting organized for the upcoming Catalina Ladies Christmas Brunch on Dec 5th—my next trip to the island.
Tomorrow I am working an Aid Station for the Eco-Marathon in the morning and starting my secretarial duties in the afternoon for the Museum Board of Directors meeting at the Country Club (formerly I was Veep).
Island life is moving at a more sedate pace. Some places have closed for the winter. The harbor looks austere without the extra floats and docks. The Island Co has started it’s downtown remodeling, my neighbor Linda’s deck is taking shape across the street and I am loving my 10 new lamps and energy efficient bulbs. Just before leaving in October— I volunteered at the Energy Efficient Lamp Exchange. 10 old ones of mine for 10 new ones from Edison.
Good friends all around. Lots of good stuff on the TiVo. Happy Days!

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