We made a beeline to see Bo and Steph when we reached Henderson on Friday. It was mid morning and he was in fine form running around, chuckling and giggling anxious to be chased. He knows me now and always laughs when I make faces or pop out in peek-a-boo. The dogs were running around excitedly and Bo was catching Oscar’s tail and trying to get close to Kit. At our house he loves the single steps up and down —- only went splat! once and didn’t cry. He played with my glasses and a small coffee table knick knack with 3 drawers. Everything he does amazes me. Today I babysat from 9-12 while Steph flew to LA for her birthday bash and Mark was at work. Bo is in constant motion. He runs from room to room always coming back to Sesame Street on the TV. He loves it!
He is pure delight. What a wonderful diversion from the Ranch mess. G is still on the phone to the attorney all day but is lighthearted and laughing at times. STEPH had the new Star Trek movie from NetFlix and he’s watched it TWICE already. Sci Fi therapy!
I bought a new electric blanket. Since it’ll be so nice and toasty lying in my preheated bed I decided to drag the two smallest Christmas trees out of the guest room closets and put them up — one in our room and the blue/silver one in the Blue Toile Room.
Burned out twinkle lights and mashed branches aside I fluffed and fixed them up to enjoy glancing at as I now read a suspenseful Jeffery Deaver book.
Little blessings are BEST. BO, a warm blanket, a good book and my dogs asleep nearby.
God is good!

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