Its Beginning to Look A Lot Like Christmas

Five days later I am just about done decorating the Henderson house for Christmas. A Tree Trimming Party this Sunday will hopefully finish up the 3 of FIVE trees still bare. As in the title of my blog— Judy’s Too Much— our house looks like Twinkle City meets Nativity Nation. I think I have 20+ Nativities. There are big ones, musical ones, two tiny ones on the edge of my bathtub, imported ones, and pretty much every size, shape and color ones. Garlands abound, as do Santa hats and bright red bows. It’s a whole lotta whimsical winter wonderland with ho ho holly and different themes or styles for each and every room. I LOVE IT!
I have an Angel bathroom, a Mary Engelbreit tree, a Victorian room, a Snowman themed tree, a blue and silver style in the toile room and the family room is all red and green. This is our 8th Christmas in Nevada. The pre-lit top of the line trees of 2002 are getting old and if the house sells, we won’t have anywhere to put this accumulated mountain of decorations. Sadly this could be the end of an era.
But for BO thus year we have gone once more to see what lies “over the top.” Glenn and Matt have helped me with repairs and re-assembly. Together with Mark they hung the outside lights. The annual professional lighting display went the way of my acrylic nails —- outta here!
The little touches are all back with another $$$ Michael’s trip or two carrying coupons.
SPOILER ALERT—- I’m also NOT sending out Christmas cards this year (gasp! What? No Hibbs Holiday Happenings Newsletter, no photos, no personal note on 250 oversized extra postage cards). People will think I died!
Please tell them otherwise.
I’m just circling the planet in December (Vegas to Catalina to Vegas to San Diego to Scottsdale then back to Vegas). Our mail will won’t catch up to us til mid-January. That bites!
But it can’t be helped. Sean & Nicole still don’t know if they are coming Dec 25th. Both had to work last year which really takes the fun out of things. Nobody told me going in that our children wouldn’t be with us for Christmas or 30th birthdays. It wasn’t in the Parenting Book that sons would be closer to the wife’s family or that we would just get boring and run out of things to do with each other after all these years. I’m soldiering on but it’s tough! Nobody even looks for the Christmas pickle to claim the prize— although I continue to hide it year after year. Nobody wants to sing carols in the Nevada neighborhood or drive around and look at house lights. Been there, done that.
Is there any hope for the next generation? Is there a live wire grandkid or two to pick up the gauntlet and do the fun things I love????Gingerbread house decorating, anybody? There’s candy involved.
It doesn’t get any better than that!

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