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Cell Service Challenged

November 4, 2009

We have arrived at Dartmouth in Hanover. We had dinner with Kyle— he looks great, though a bit overwhelmed by being the center of attention.
My cell phone barely works at the B&B we are staying at in Lyme (15 min from campus).
But stand by for reports of our adventures as we travel to Vermont and other points north, east and south. Snow is expected on Thursday! Whoopie!
Good Night and Good Luck!

Bicycles Aren’t for Big Girls

November 2, 2009

Nicole had this idea that we’d all rent bikes on Martha’s Vineyard (45 min ferry ride from Cape Cod. Unfortunately we weren’t prepared for the rain or gale force winds after we’d already paid our money and talked Nana & Pa into taking a tandem one.
Nevertheless our intrepid band took off toward Oak Bluffs with coats flapping and in my case thighs slapping.
It’s pretty bad when you’re being passed by two septegenarians with a pedal to the metal.
We wheezed along the 3.5 mile narrow mostly uphill (it’s my blog and that’s the story I’m stickin’ with.). We shopped, it rained harder, we strolled, it continued to rain. Finally the Fitness Crazed Family relented and let us ride the $2 bus to Edgertown. FIVE more miles away. The bikes were left locked to a metal rail, a telephone pole and in the case of Damon & Heather– a No Parking sign.
We found the one and ONLY restaurant open in the Obama vacatin town and ate soup and sandwiches in comfort.
When we got back to the bikes (to my dismay they HADN’T been stolen) we chugged on back to the Bike Shop. I only fell off once but bounced back up and was the first one in.
The weather was so bad the Bike Shop closed and just told us to lock the bikes and leave the keys.
More shopping. I probably won’t be able to get out of bed tomorrow so I already bought Bo a lobster tee shirt (got butter?)

Harvard Yard to Cape Cod

November 2, 2009

We went in different directions Sunday morning agreeing to be ready to leave the hotel in the early afternoon.
I went late to church near Boston Common. A beautiful steepled structure so typical of New England. The denomination was Congregational (as is my church in Avalon) so we sang the doxology and all six stanzas of the chosen hymn.
Communion was sugar cube sized pieces that tasted like shortbread with juice in delicate individual monogrammed silver cups.
Prettiest elements ever. What a privilege to worship God wherever I happen to be.
Drove south and east from Boston past Plymouth and a place called Plymouth Plantation— a replica of Puritan life near Plymouth Rock– the Landing spot for the Mayflower (1620) and the origins of the first Thanksgiving.
Every meal on this trip feels like Thanksgiving: A big family sitting down together and then feeling stuffed and sleepy afterwards. Dinner tonight on Cape Cod (90 minutes from Boston by car) was Lobster Mac & Cheese. WOW! What can I say — so good!
Our hotel the Beach Breeze Inn in Falmouth is quaint and cute.
Tomorrow we go to Martha’s Vineyard for the day. It’s a 45 min ferry ride from nearby Woods Hole to the island. Nicole wants all of us to rent bikes for the day and pedal from town to town. If it kills me, I want everyone to know I’ve had a great life and LOVE my enthusiastic daughter-in-law.