Giving and Thanks

Am I horribly old fashioned to expect a written thank you from recipients of gifts given? I got a Christmas card today from the Review-Journal delivery guy who shoved it in my local newspaper sack that he tossed on my driveway. Last year I mailed him a $100 gift card from Best Buy. I’ve never met the man but wanted to do something surprising. He didn’t send a thank you or even a note in my post-Christmas news bags. Was I shocked? Not really, but it would’ve been appropriate.
Two years ago I got five one-hundred dollar bills from the bank and looked for needy people to just spontaneously give them to. There is a handicapped woman at the movie theater sitting in her wheelchair tearing stubs in half. She wasn’t working the day we went to the movies. I ended up giving one to the frozen yogurt server (going on his LDS mission to South America) and putting one in a Salvation Army kettle. It was hard go find who I could give the money to. People were busy and not even willing to make eye contact let alone interact with me.
The guard gate attendant at our development got a Target gift card from us last year too. No real response—- did he think it was fake? A joke?
No thank you, nothing.
In giving to friends and family, sometimes the lack of gratitude is glaring . Are we so well off? Jaded? Too busy? Forgetful? Lazy?
An e-mail, or a text may be replacing thank you notes. But something is better than nothing.
The written word still counts for something.
I too need to cultivate an attitude of gratitude.

This year I put $5 in the bell ringer’s bucket. He seemed so surprised and exclaimed, “How nice of you!”. Isn’t anybody giving anymore? Is “THANK YOU” a forgotten phrase from the past?
Is there a cause and effect relationship here.
I won’t want to give to someone who doesn’t express thanks. But maybe that’s just me!

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