A House Without Christmas

As I stated earlier we are at the Ranch in Scottsdale. Our “ULTRA” decorated house in Henderson sits sadly empty—the house lights on timers going on and off without us being there. Here in AZ I have a meager 4 Santa hats and 3 red bows spread around to cheer us (all that was left at the Dollar Store). We
tried to find white twinkle lights to decorate friend Leslie’s housewarming tree but the stores are sold out—it’s becoming a makeshift effort to have Christmas.
Being with family counts at Christmas.
Leslie’s husband is overseas on business. She and son Sean, 19 have a decorated tree in a strange house but only each other just days before Christmas. Glenn and I with our Santa hats and bows have each other but NO tree, no gifts, no BO.
Our Henderson house has 5 trees, 20 Nativity scenes (yada yada yada) but NO us!
Is Christmas the people, the places, the things? YES!
In these uncertain economic times an Arizona Tree Lot still gets $92 for a 6 ft Christmas tree. Target, Ace Hardware and Von’s can’t keep white twinkle lights on the shelves and everyone is just trying to get somewhere somehow to be with family and friends to celebrate Christmas. Decorations will vary from place to place but the constant heart of Christmas is WHO you spend it with.

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