Love Came Down at Christmas

So what was God’s solution for a world full of cruelty and sin? To send a BABY.
His own Son, Jesus who would be the face of God, the Voice of our heavenly Father, the Lord who walked among us.
John 3:16.
It seems an odd choice. Why not send armies to subdue the government? Angels to rescue those in jeopardy or physical forces to subdue the earth?
No he sent Jesus to be born to a virgin mother in a lowly stable in a nowhere town called Bethleham.
As much as I love my children and Bo (a whole new room opened in my heart for this precious grandson) GOD loves us MORE. He chose us to be His people. By giving His son to die for our sins he demonstrates His provision for people everywhere. He wants NOTHING to separate us from His love.
Romans 8:38-39
Is the celebration in our hearts, lives and homes this time of year a ChristMESS or a CHRISTmas?
Jesus is the reason for the season.
Glenn and I are embroiled in a nasty lawsuit over Ranch ownership. Lies and slander towards us are hurtful. Are we blameless? Hardly.
But Christ was as He endured persecution. He was mocked, taunted, abused and crucified — Our Lord knows what this little problem of our’s feels like. When we call on Him for strength, guidance and forgiveness — He is Emmanuel. God with us.
Perspective is necessary in all things. We are humbled but not hardened by recent events.
Love came down at Christmas.
That’s what we’re celebrating this year.

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