Love the Ones You’re With

What a difference a year makes. We are settled in at Rancho Palmira. But with visiting trainers, leased barns and (rental) horses in most stalls, the Ranch has a different feel to it. in previous years we would have had 18-25 pregnant mares warming up to go into the Maternity Barn. This year we have two recipients (Elsie & Debbie) plus Echstancia, Allure and Khrush (sale pending) carrying foals. That’s only 5 babies in 2010. And they may be less fortunate than the baby Jesus who was laid in a manger. All of our barns are full to overflowing with other people’s horses. These old gals may have to give birth in our dark, cold and lowly portable stalls out back.
I need far fewer carrots as I make my rounds with brushes and hugs. Our girl horses are out in the Mare Motel. They are a shaggy lot so I’ve got my work cut out for me. Some manes are so knotted that I’ll be giving some horse haircuts soon. I’m locating their blankets as night time temperatures are dipping into the 40’s. I’ll be advocating for them with our very busy grooms. These horses are never top priority.
EVERYBODY had a birthday yesterday on January 1st. All horses turn ONE or a year older. I was singing to them as I greeted who was left among our shrinking herd. Sadly no one wanted to wear a party hat!
We’re not in much of a party mood here lately. Glenn is selling and giving away our horses at an alarming rate. My stallion Farramond was gone without me getting to say good-bye. Lots of babies that I got to cuddle and name last year are trucking out of here.
So far my mare Artimissia is staying. Our grand stallion Star Ghazal has been kicked out of his place of honor in the Training Barn and exiled out back. Nothing much matters but the bottom line, I guess. Prime spots in the main barn go to PAYING customers or Melanie’s horses (long story).
We are still in a battle over evicting our former Ranch managers. Our attorneys fees are astronomical. Its all just terribly sad.
But as we go through this valley there are still some places where care and kindness will matter. There are horses displaced who will need the time and extra TLC I can give them. At least four foals will still be “little miracles” no matter where they end up being born.
AND in perspective:
It is better to have loved and lost these horses than to never have known them at all!
As the old song says, .”If you can’t be with the ones you love . . . love the ones you’re with!”

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