One of the Herd

This is Artemisia, my 3 yr old mare in the pasture in front of our house at the Ranch.
Horses are herd animals. Most won’t want to stay and enjoy the beautiful sunshine or munching on sweet green grass if they have to be ALONE. It gets tricky when transferring them from stall to pasture and back again. The horses will crowd the gate looking to the groom with a “pick me” plea. As nice as it is to be outside, most would rather go back into the dungeon like barn than to be the last one left out
in the field. Artemisia is looking for her friends in this 2nd shot. She whinnied and paced at the fence. She practically rejected the carrots I had to give her —so frantic was she to go wherever the other mares went.
Do people feel a similar tug to be with the “herd”?
On many occasions I know I do.

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