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February 25, 2010

In an increasingly frantic and distracted world we tend to rush through experiences rather than savor the moments. Here I can feel Othello’s racing heart as it has a calming affect on my own.

Allure’s little colt

February 24, 2010

This sweet boy is still nameless. I call him George. He had trouble eating after being born. Two grooms held him at the mare’s nipples while I held her head still. The foals’ gestation is 11 months and they are born with a full set of teeth. Ouch!


February 24, 2010

Our long-limbed boy was the first foal of the new year (new decade). He’s as magnificent as he is cuddly.


February 24, 2010

Here at the Ranch we had our first two foals recently. Both colts. The first baby born on the night of Feb 17th. The mare, ” Elsie ” a recipient (surrogate) was straining and moaning with no results. Then the nose appeared first instead of the feet. Glenn called the veterinarian who was unavailable. The mare was in trouble so Glenn reached into the horse’s birth canal to find and free the feet. The next necessary step was to pull out and deliver the most freakishly long-legged colt ever. It was just like the scene in “City Slickers” where Billy Crystal delivered the calf. I even suggested we name him “Norman”.
Then less than 9 hrs later as the farm was coming to life on Thursday morning our mare Allure delivered her colt, another leggy foal.
Its great fun having babies on the Ranch. Both are very friendly and sweet.
Other grand news—-
Nicole and Sean are expecting their first child in late September. Nicole is feeling tired but otherwise well. She finishes her residency July 1st so she’ll have a laying in time and maternity leave before assuming her new full time job as a pediatrician with Childrens Primary Care Medical Group in San Diego.
Stephanie and Mark announced that the baby they are expecting in July will be another boy. Bo will be an awesome big brother. The name they like at this point is Austin Patrick Stefl.
We are feeling very blessed!

Hibber at the Horse Show

February 20, 2010

Here’s Glenn showing our 2 yr old colt Phalanx at the Scottsdale Arabian Horse Show with his Top Ten ribbon. Former Islander/Judge Judy Kibler picked Glenn 4th, another picked him 5th and he squeaked onto the last card at 10th. Phalanx won big money at last year’s show as a yearling colt. As always, I was ready with the carrots when the colt got back to his stall. Glenn ate his treat– a breakfast crepe and was very casual but happy about winning.
Good weather at the show until just after this photo was taken. Then the skies opened and it poured rain.
Next Glenn shows “Glory Be” in her yearling filly class! Go Glenn!