BACH or by the BATHTUB

I learned something new about Oscar today. He doesn’t like BACH. I play classical music instead of the TV in the mornings and pulled a Bach CD out. The music was playing on a Harpsichord and Organ (think “Addams Family” TV theme) and Oscar immediately fled. I got into the bathtub and here comes Oscar in to join me. Oscar never goes near a tub full of water even when someone he loves is bathing. Being a rescue dog, we assume he has water issues.
He won’t swim in our pool and avoids bathtub scenarios consistently, despite coaxing, cajoling or calling. So here’s Oscar curled up in a ball on the bathroom rug next to the tub. I’m splashing around. He doesn’t budge. I asked him, “what are you doing in here?” and he leaned his head over the edge of the tub with tail and ears drooping. His body language spoke volumes. “Make it stop”.
He remained in the bathroom until I was done bathing. I guess the fear of having a bath was less than listening to BACH was BAD. So I switched to BEETHOVEN and Oscar’s on board with that. In fact, I think he likes BEETHOVEN just fine.

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