Countdown to Football

We have our Dartmouth apparel, our pom poms (I dug some out of the trash can at Harvard — freebies), our cow bell, signs with Kyle’s number 74 and “Go Big Green” and nine layers of clothes (each) to sit outside in possibly freezing weather.  Now all we need is a WIN!  Game time is Saturday at 12:30.

Everywhere we go in Hanover Kyle is a BMOC (Big Man on Campus).  Figuratively and LITERALLY.  Last night at Murphy’s the owner hovered around the table like he had a celebrity in the house.  He wanted to talk football with Kyle.  He believes the team can build on their win over Columbia (Oct 24th) and be an Ivy League Powerhouse in the next two years.  Several people we met commented that Kyle is an awesome sophomore on the O-line (Offense) and “always in the game”.  Kyle just blushes and tilts his head with a cute smile.  He isn’t sure what to do with all of the attention he generates.

So today while Kyle sleeps in (he usually lifts weights early), goes to his 11 AM class then has practice and a team dinner at the “official Dartmouth Football Pizza place ” WE will drive around looking for points of interest.  Yesterday, we enjoyed the Vermont Country Store in Rockingham.  A historic mercantile with jams, cheese, sausagesand more to sample (that was our lunch) plus old fashioned toys, shoes, apparel, housewares and a second floor Discount Room.  The “higher you climb the more bargains you find” is written on the stairs.  We also saw 4 covered bridges and drove past a miniature Grand Canyon — in truth it was on the other side of the car so I didn’t see it, but I hear it is neat.

Today Nicole will navigate us somewhere special and you’ll be hearing about it soon.  Thanks for the nice comments.  Keep ’em coming.  I write early in the morning when everyone else is still asleep, so your feedback gives me encouragement.  The fire is lit in the Lounge so I am going to sit and do some Sudoku while my hair dries.  Oh the tranquil country life!

We haven’t watched TV in almost 4 days.  Its wonderful!

One Response to “Countdown to Football”

  1. Laurie Says:

    nana loves a good bargain, did she climb to the top floor?

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